Anabel Ivy

Anabel Ivy is a master of impressionism. She was born into an artistic family with many of her siblings and relatives being either painters, musicians or poets. At age 10, she began experimenting with graphite, charcoal and acrylic paints. Ivy is well versed in portraiture and realism, and even has a few high-profile murals on her artistic resume. Ivy spent most of her career experimenting with various mediums and styles as she fine-tuned her individual style. Through exploring different techniques, Ivy discovered watercolor, her favorite medium. A self-professed thrill-seeker, watercolor was the perfect fit for Ivy's active style. Its quick nature forces her to think on her feet, and she thrives with a challenge. Watercolors also pushed Ivy out of her roots in realism into a more interpretive style. Her love of bright, saturated colors, flowers and landscapes is the perfect match for her watercolor technique. Ivy is inspired by the natural world, interpreting landscapes and plant life with her signature vibrancy and discerning eye.

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