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Art Framing

Dark frame samples.

Our in house framing department offers a large array of frames to choose from. LaMantia Gallery’s Art Consultants are trained at designing frames that make breathtaking statements. Our framing services have also been featured in several publication throughout the years.

LaMantia Gallery has on staff a picture framer Certified by the National Picture Framers Association. In addition to custom framing, we specialize in conservation framing with a strong emphasis on protecting and preserving the art we’re working with.

We can frame:

  • Paintings on Canvas & Panel

  • Diplomas/Certificates

  • Fine Art on Paper

  • Photography

  • Sports Jerseys

  • Custom Shadowboxes

  • Newspaper/Magazine Articles

  • Flags, Medals, Pins

  • Children’s Artwork/Drawing

  • Custom Plexi Boxes

  • Posters, Giclee Prints

  • Collectibles & Memorabilia

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