Goli Mahallati 

Goli Mahallati’s paintings are a zone where reality and dream, color and form are suspended. They are poetic expressions that transcend the object and become icons of sensory impressions. Most such paintings are in danger of falling into the abyss of decoration, but her paintings, while at first appearing decorative, soon evoke myriad sensations that are often burdened by distress and a sense of loss. This is perhaps due to the fact that her abstract treatment of the form is not free of objective connections. Her paintings communicate a sense of subjective relations to a world whose many faces of tragedy, joy, insecurity, and love have coalesced into one. The ambiguity in her paintings is shadowy zones where we recognize so much of our world and selves. Through a simple and laconic depiction of a form, she opens doors into volumes of thoughts and sensations.

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Inquire About Goli's Work

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