Jamie Kraft

A born artist with a lifelong concentration in painting and drawing, Jaime has spent most of her career as a muralist and decorative painter. After relocating to Long Island, NY, she began walking the beaches with her Frenchies (The Crew) and was struck by the number of plastics and other marine debris that continually washed ashore. Jaime immediately reimagined these finds as materials for new works of mixed media art. Her works range from a low profile, colorful abstracts made of plastics, Mylar, and other flat elements to more sculptural & structural pieces several inches in depth. The beach found objects adhered to a stretched canvas or wood box panel. The final product is submerged in an epoxy resin for further adhesion and an underwater quality. Each piece is handcrafted and one-of-a-kind.

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Inquire About Jamie Kraft's Work

We will be in touch soon!