Torabi believes he was born an artist. As a child, viewing a beautiful painting sent his heart racing; he never had a doubt that this was his destined path. A young Torabi found charcoal and chalk around the house and began drawing on any and every surface, much to his mother's chagrin. Luckily, his parents encouraged him to hone his craft. His father, whose heavy brow and deep-set features were ideal for charcoal representations, would sit for endless portraits as Torabi perfected his technique. Soon, teenage Torabi received commissions for portraits of religious icons and began supporting himself with his art.

These paintings kept his memories alive and combined collage with a new style which he calls "blurred motion." This blurred motion style has carried over to his latest series Sevda, Turkish for "a bigger love." This body of work combines the experimentation of Life in Motion with his true talent of portraiture. The contrasting loose abstract brush strokes with the meticulous detail of Torabi's portraits display the true power and versatility of his artistic talent. His desire to grow and expand creatively keeps his mind and heart immersed in his craft.

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