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Four people and a violin.

Hessam Abrishami

Winter scene with benches in riverside Park

Alexei Butirskiy

Sailboat with glass chards.

Eddie Freeland 

Two Altmura red wine bottles and a wine glass with a cork screw.

Thomas Arvid 

Two women having tea.

Pino Daeni

Sailboats with white and red sails in the ocean.

Frank Getty

Tree with pink, red and yellow leaves.

Joe Berezansky

A woman with a red umbrella.

Daniel Del Orfano 

Two row boats in the water.

Josef Kote 


Jaime Kraft 

A woman in a white dress with a yellow bird.

Goli Mahallati 

Book spines with American themes.

John Mark-Gleadow

A red row boat on the water's edge at the beach.

Anne Packard

A sitting ballerina in a purple tutu.

Anna Razumovskaya

A setting moon against a blue sky with trees with read leaves by a lake.

Ford Smith

A pink and yellow sunset with clouds.

Jessica Garret Lawrence

Birch trees against a silver background.

Rolinda Stotts

Two row boats in the water with mountains in the background.

Behrooz Valiani

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